Facetime on Facebook

Twitter has been my social media choice since September 2008 when I started.  It was addictive.  Every evening after I finished working on projects, writing articles and following up with clients, I’d log on to Twitter.

The conversations were endless.  You name it –and people were tweeting about it.

For me, a work at home project manager, it was fascinating to be a part of so many conversations, but committed to none.  You know how Twitter is–you comment when you want, how you want or not.

Unlike Facebook, on Twitter, you can vent for days without the conversation being listed in the top news feed because Twitter provides a passing conversation.

In comparison to Twitter, the pace of Facebook always felt too organized and really slow to me.  Now, 12,771 followers later, I’ve decided to spend more “face time” on Facebook. Let me tell you why.

It’s all about the facts.

According to an article written by Social Media Expert Strategist, Douglas Idugboe Facebook is by far the world’s leading social network with more than 600 million users.  In this article, he says that if Facebook were a country, it would have the world’s third largest population. Once I understood that, the rule about Internet traffic generation made sense.  Jeff Herring is fond of saying, “Don’t try to create traffic – just find out where the traffic is going and go stand in front of it.”

With the facts, and the traffic generation rule in mind, I’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook has true value and that we NEED to be there.  People are our business and this is where the people are.

So thank you for Liking us on Facebook. And let us know who you are.  We would love to “like” your page and correspond with you.  Feel free to post below.

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